Things I've made trying to put my dent in the universe.

A list of projects I've worked on, I'm working on and I will work on.


Projects I currently work on.

  • Logo of

    My personal website you are currently on, built with Next.js.

  • Logo of

    My Resume (Curriculum website), built with Next.js.

  • Logo of

    My freelacing company that develops websites for every need, but nowdays mainly working with teachers ands professors.

  • Logo of

    Plataforma de organização de projetos, tarefas e anotações

  • Logo of Ledger


    Project to create a ledger to safely store debts inbetween friends

  • Logo of Spare


    Finance Organizer for freelancer


Projects I worked on. Due to nature of internet businesses not all of them are still online.

  • Logo of Schoolsys

    A responsive platform aiding students in organizing study routines effectively.

  • Logo of Respect Above Violence

    NGO School Project: Combatting cyberbullying with educational resources, including animation video and fake history documentation.

  • Logo of Datetimewidget

    Enhanced Django Date & Time dropdown widget, simplifying form integration

  • Logo of Redjango

    RedDjango: Practical integration of Django and React based on Udemy course.

  • Logo of Mundo.informação

    A bibliographic resource for each section of a presentation